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Site Sepetim is a full-service agency that produces effective solutions for brands’ digital communication requests and offers information-oriented, fast and creative solutions. We aim to increase brand value and corporate reputation by providing services to our customers in digital design, digital marketing, web design, web software. We prepare our productions in accordance with the spirit of the brand, combining design approaches with technology, in a way that the target audience can easily notice. We produce different content for different platforms. At the beginning of each of our works, we aim to implement a working model that we look at from the broadest perspective. We constantly measure and improve our own performance. We are exploring. We invent. The most effective way to make a difference is through My Site Basket.




8+Years of Experience
100%Customer happiness



By building a dynamic system that is internationally recognized, among world trends, liberal, contemporary, adopting and implementing the future;
To be a creative and digital agency that makes a rapid rise in the sector, growing day by day, earning more as it grows, without sacrificing our differences compared to other systems, equal distribution budget and trust.



To increase business performance by blending our expertise and distinctive perspective with solid data and to produce unique solutions with our expertise.



We have three value focuses that our brand wholeheartedly supports.

  1. to be reliable
  2. Push the limits
  3. Team spirit

We build these three core values on the ground of responsibility.

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