Montana Web Design

Montana Web Design

We provide services with our experienced staff in Montana Web Design, in general, web software, e-commerce, Google Ads and search engine optimization, namely Seo.

A website is necessary for every company, big or small, to find customers. A creative and effective design google ads and SEO puts you in front of other businesses. As My Site Basket, we develop carefully designed websites. You can increase your customer volume with your website.

What are the requirements for a website to be successful? The interface of the website, the advertisement and seo you provide are required. As Site Sepetim, we are trying to help you by designing a quality and original website for you.

Since the day it was founded, we have been providing technical support to our valued customers in all matters with our Montana Web Design services. Our Montana Web Design Process is as follows.


While designing your website, your website is designed with licensed stock photos after the necessary research is done as content. We serve purposefully by doing interactive design work with our customers. (Photos are Downloaded from Adobe Stock Site.)

Google Ads Advertising

After completing the design and content part of the website and transferring the website, we install google ads. We are constantly optimizing the advertisement by giving free consultation for 2 weeks. This way we optimize for nonsense, fake or irrelevant clicks. We optimize incoming bot and competitor clicks with our different Attack prevention methods.

Fast SEO

Thanks to our newly developed software, we are working on articles for all the districts, districts and neighborhoods you are in. The system saves time by automatic sharing. On average, 3000-5000 shares are made per website. In this way, we are noticed by google bots and we increase your website to the top in regional keywords.

Seo Compatible Montana Web Design

As a website, we offer a website with seo infrastructure to our valued customers. After registering with the Google search console, we make your website SEO compatible with your website's Title, Meta key, h tag, image alt attribute, sitemap.xml, image optimization and site acceleration.

Montana Web Design Prices

Montana Web Design Prices vary according to your wishes. Doping seo or e-commerce systems are added in addition to your website. Licensed photos belong to our company. Hosting and domain are covered by our company for the first year. In general, we make affordable websites. We are not a company that receives the payment first, but a company that has the business ethics to pay first.

Montana Web Design Agency

Among the Montana Web Design companies, it is among the best companies that can serve you as professional, relevant and reliable. We are the only company that manages google ads ads for free after making the website.

As my site basket, we serve with our team to solve all the problems of our valued customers and to achieve the results you want. We are among the Montana Web Design companies that keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. You can call us for all your problems and get detailed information.

Responsive Montana Web Design

We design useful websites by designing mobile compatible websites. For responsive designs, we first collect the infrastructure of the site. After making your mobile compatible website, it is subjected to mobile compatibility tests on 4 different devices. If you want, you can design the mobile application of your websites and download your application via google play and app store. As mobile compatible Web Tasarım, we are pleased to serve you, our valued customers.

Montana Web Design Benefits

Thanks to Montana Web Design, your business stands out. In order to increase your business volume in social media, you need to be at the forefront. To stand out, you must have a website and follow some rules. There are 2 ways to rank higher on Google.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

By advertising with Sem, you can highlight the phone number of your businesses and your website and increase the business volume of your business. But SEO is long-term and requires effort. You should keep your website up-to-date, make it seo compatible and throw backlinks. On average, SEO manifests itself in 6-8 months.

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